I grew up looking forward to spending various holidays with my family - playing games, being around those I love and, let’s be honest, indulging in some of my favourite home-cooked holiday meal staples and desserts (my uncle’s apple crumble has always been my favourite). The reason why I loved the foods I ate during these family gatherings on holidays is because I didn’t get to enjoy them at just any time, they were ‘special’ and saved for special occasions. 

But as I grew older and my way of eating changed, I found that my body reacted less favourably to some of my cherished holiday favourites or that my family didn’t always provide options that worked for my eating routine or my body. So, I decided that I would start preparing and bringing some tasty dishes to the table at each family gathering. This way I could ensure that there would be something that I could enjoy, plus I got to share it with the rest of my family and maybe even introduce them to something they had never tried before!

Pumpkin Pie Tarts Ingredients.PNG

Here’s what I’ll be making this year - Pumpkin Pie Tarts with Coconut Whipped Cream. Bonus: they’re made from whole foods, natural sweetener AND they’re dairy-free! They can be made ahead of time and last for about 3 days in the fridge.

Pumpkin Pie Tarts Directions.PNG
Pumpkin Pie Tarts Notes.PNG

What’s your favourite holiday dish? Let us know by using the #loyobo on Facebook and Instagram and let us know if you try out these Pumpkin Tarts. Brownie points if you follow the recipe and make your own whipped cream too;)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

- Lori

Back To School..... Or Work?

Banana Coconut Protein Bars

Banana Coconut Protein Bars

It’s that time of year already - which I playfully call the second new year - when we return to school and work, and try to regain consistency with our everyday routines. With busy schedules, juggling so many things (extracurriculars, long hours at work, time with friends and family), it can be challenging to get back into the swing of things (let alone prepare meals and snacks for the entire family to enjoy on the go). When this is the case, I believe simple is best, and creating a consistent, purposeful habit of planning and scheduling time to shop for and prep your meals and snacks accordingly is key. 

It’s easy to grab empty calorie snacks while juggling everything on your to-do list, so to help you get started here’s a more nutrient dense recipe that is sure to be a hit with every member of the family - Banana Coconut Protein Bars!

Banana Coconut Protein Bars Nutrition.PNG
Banana Coconut Protein Bars Ingredients.PNG
Banana Coconut Protein Bars Directions.PNG

Why We Like Them

Honestly… they taste like cake!!! But seriously, I love making batch recipes to have at the ready whenever I need something to grab and go, especially because I know exactly what went into them. The ingredients listed are generally ones I always have on hand and, given that it only takes about 20 minutes (prep and bake time), I can whip them up at a moment’s notice…. AND since it’s a batch, I have enough to get me through my work (or for some school) week.


Knowing that many school environments are nut free you can swap out the almond butter for a seed butter (sunflower for example) or keep these at home for an after school treat. 

Banana Coconut Protein Bars Notes.PNG

If you try this recipe be sure to let us know by using the #loyobo on Facebook or Instagram. Good luck only eating one at a time! Enjoy;)

- Lori

Beat the Heat with this Tasty Treat!

chia popsicles.JPG

Hello Everyone! Summer is in full swing and with that comes hot days and, for many of us, cravings of ice cream and other cool summer treats. I must admit that while I don’t generally crave it, there’s something about the summertime that leaves me wanting to enjoy some ice cream, as well as my all-time favourite summertime treat - s’mores! When I stopped to think about the context behind my seasonally based cravings, I realized that it was more about the experience of the food itself, how it ties into my childhood memories, and that over time it’s just something we have associated with summer.

So, our recipe this month is one that you can add to your summertime repertoire - Chia Seed Popsicles! It is easy to make, versatile, creamy, fruit-filled deliciousness. Plus - it is a friendly recipe for those who are dairy-free or who have sensitive tummies.

Why We Like It

It’s versatile! You can try it with different fruits, experiment with making your own granola and it has no added processed sugar (assuming you use more natural honey/maple syrup and homemade granola). Most of all, it can fulfill our ‘need’ or craving for something a little more decadent and cooling in the hot summer months.

BONUS: we snuck in some protein with the greek yogurt to make it a more nutrient dense alternative or version of a new favourtie summertime treat - heck, for any season!

Here Is What You Need:

chia popsicle ingredients.JPG
chia popsicle directions.JPG

Substitutions Ideas:

Vegan / Dairy-Free

Use unsweetened coconut yogurt and replace honey with maple syrup.

Mix it Up

Use any fruit that is in season, or any fruit that you have on hand.

Let us know what you think of this recipe; take a pic of your creation and share it with us!

As always, enjoy!!!

- Lori

Chia popsicle nutrition.JPG

Healthy Fats for Breakfast!

Hello Everyone!

Our recipe for this month is Smoked Salmon on Avocado Toast - YUM! I can feel my salivary glands just anticipating the deliciousness of this recipe as I type (haha)!

Generally, I find that people either love or hate avocados and for most it falls towards the “hate” end of the spectrum. Often, though, I find that this hatred for this exotic and healthy fruit really stems from frustration, especially about how to pick a ripe one.

While I don’t have a magical, fool proof system for finding that perfectly ripe avocado every time, one trick that I use when shopping is to peel back the small stem or cap at the top. If the area underneath is green, the avocado is likely good to buy. If the area is brown or black, the avocado is overripe - and possibly mouldy on the inside - so it’s best to avoid it. Another helpful tip is to hold it in the palm of your hand, and squeeze gently. A ripe avocado should yield to firm, gentle pressure, but shouldn’t feel overly soft or mushy.

Now that you are better prepared for your next avocado shopping adventure, get excited to try this recipe! And remember - food is supposed to be fun and enjoyable! So keep an open mind, because you never know… it might just become your new favourite.

Here is what you need:


Why we like it:

Lots of room for creativity and substitutions - make it how you like it! I find myself saying this often but that’s because it’s true … Eating a meal (or snack) loaded with healthy fats and protein helps us to feel satiated AND manages our blood sugar levels. This is because it takes longer for our body to break down these nutrients and digest them!

When we are not fueling our bodies with enough of these nutrients, we often feel lethargic, cranky, irritable (emotional and physical symptoms). Even if you are trying to lose weight, it is important to ensure you are getting these nutrients in your diet!


Let us know what you think of this recipe; take a pic of your creation and share it with us!

As always, enjoy!!!

- Lori


A Fun Twist On A Classic Dish: Chicken, Spinach & Mushroom Pasta!


Hello everyone!

Our recipe for this month is a fun twist on a classic meal involving pasta. One of the best things about pasta is that it is generally a very quick meal to make and is oh so comforting. This dish is no exception!

Here is what you need:


If you don’t have tamari at home, that’s okay! You can use soya sauce instead - tamari is gluten free though so keep that in mind if that is something you require in your diet.

Why we like it: Let’s be honest, we all get stuck in this pattern of repeating the same old standby meals and find it hard to think outside the box - we are creatures of habit after all! This recipe is still close enough to something you may already be familiar with - a simple pasta dish - but with a couple small adjustments (especially the addition of the tamari).

Substitutions: Add any veggies you like to give this dish even more colour and fibre - perhaps some bell peppers, peas, or even zucchini! Vegetarian? Swap out the chicken for tofu! Want a cheesy taste? Add some shredded mozzarella, parmesan OR why not try sprinkling some nutritional yeast on it?!

Also - there are so many amazing types of pasta out there, so think outside the box! You could swap in some lentil pasta or quinoa pasta.


If you try this recipe, make sure to let us know and we would LOVE to see pictures!

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- Lori

Yummy Snack Recipe: Apple Dips!


Hello everyone!

We have heard your feedback and the one thing that we know you want more of is nutritional support and recipes!

So, we are going to help by sharing meal ideas, recipes, and our favourite tips that you can use to create a healthy relationship with food.

And to start - we are sharing one of our favourite, super simple snack recipes that you can make at home with less than 5 ingredients and NO baking.

Here is what you need:

apple dip ingredients.JPG

If you are vegan or dairy free, use a coconut yogurt, or substitute out the yogurt and use melted dark chocolate with a bit of coconut oil instead!

Not digging the coconut? Other ideas include almond slices, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, granola, or dark chocolate chips. Feel free to get creative, and make sure to share if you try something new!

Need a little bit more sweet? Try mixing in a bit of honey or maple syrup.

apple dip directions.JPG
Hayley - One of our Energy Exchangers enjoying some Apple Dips!

Hayley - One of our Energy Exchangers enjoying some Apple Dips!

Our Kid-Friendly Secret: Try piercing the apple slices with a lollipop or popsicle stick and making a DIY dipping station!

Why we like it: This snack is a killer combo of many things we crave daily - sweet, crunchy and instant (well near-instant) gratification; plus, there’s room for variety with multiple options for substituting ingredients! This snack is a great balance of macronutrients - the protein and fat from the yogurt and nut butter will help you to feel more satisfied and for longer than just eating an apple on its own!

apple dip info.JPG

If you try this recipe, make sure to let us know and we would LOVE to see pictures!

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Enjoy it and happy snacking!

- Courtney & Lori