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How to kick your sugar addiction!

Our free guide intended to help you learn the benefits of reducing sources of artificial or processed sugar in your diet! It contains a list of our top ten tips and strategies for success for kicking your sugar addiction to the curb, leaving you feeling better and helping to incorporate more plant based foods into your diet!

Plus - enjoy six low sugar, supper yummy recipes!

workout on the go with our online videos!

We know that there are times you won’t be able to make it into the studio for class, so we are working to create an online library of videos for you to do at home or on the road.

Click here to check out our Loyobo Youtube Channel.

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Have a special request for a future video? Use our Contact Us page to send in your suggestions!

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Loyobo Weight & Progress Tracker

Use this sheet to keep track of which weights you use during class to help you progress & increase your strength! Perfect for Tone & Flex, Body Sculpt or Body Burn.

If you have any questions, make sure to book a one on one session with one of our coaches!