Our New Love Your Body Program is here!

An in-depth, guided approach to help you break through your fears, eliminate negative self-talk, and finally love not only your body, but your life! 

We all know how to “be healthy”. Eat less & move more, right?

Well, at Loyobo FIT we believe that health involves more than just what we eat and how we move. It involves our self-talk, our body image, and the habits that make up our overall lifestyle or daily routine. Its why many of us feel so frustrated when that formula (eat less & move more) just doesn’t seem to work for us. We feel frustrated, stuck, or we blame ourselves for not being good enough.


Our goal with the Love Your Body Program is to change the way you define health & to figure out what makes YOU feel your best.

We work with you in an intimate group setting to ask the tough questions that we know can help you discover your why, to find your motivation and to finally let go of habits that are not serving you. We help you overcome barriers that might be holding you back from success and build new habits which allow you to thrive!  The program uses our Behind the Scenes workbook and combines individual mindset activities with a weekly one-hour group coaching session. It is built to allow you time for reflection, to build awareness and to create long-lasting change by teaching you our strategies to change the way that you see yourself and the world around you.

This is the best way to kickstart your journey to health or to take your progress to the next level! To finally get off the treadmill of yo-yo diets, of using exercise to “punish” your body, and wasting money on gym memberships you never use.

If you are ready to finally be friends with your body, to feel confident in the skin that you are in and to build a life that makes you feel awesome, the Love Your Body program is meant for YOU!


Did you miss the program this time around? Don’t worry! We’ll offer it again!
If you wish to be notified next time the program is open for registration, please click the button below and let us know. The next in-person session will start in January, and registration should be open sometime in November.

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Who this program is for: 

✓ You don't feel like you recognize the person you see in the mirror

✓ You feel stuck in a cycle of yo-yo diets, failed workouts and constantly gaining/losing weight

✓ You have experienced big changes in your life and have struggled to regain a sense of balance

✓ You want to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin

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✓ You feel tired, sore, and achy

✓ You struggle with self-esteem and confidence

✓ You find big gyms intimidating and uncomfortable

✓ You are ready to commit to making yourself and your happiness a priority in your life

What you will receive:

✓  8 Weekly one-hour group coaching sessions

✓  A printed Love Your Body Behind the Scenes workbook

✓  Lifetime access to future editions & updates to the program

✓ The support of our team for ongoing questions and support

✓ A judgement-free, safe space which focuses on body positivity & self-empowerment

✓ Strategies to avoid setbacks, develop emotional resilience, and to learn to embrace life's ups/downs

✓ An action plan that helps to push you forward and build a life you love

✓ The confidence to look in the mirror and love the person who is staring back


Have questions or want to chat with one of our coaches before signing up?

Email info@loyobofit.com or call 519 265 8528 and we would be happy to set up a time for us to meet!

We can’t wait to be a part of your journey.
- The Loyobo FIT Team