Beat the Heat with this Tasty Treat!

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Hello Everyone! Summer is in full swing and with that comes hot days and, for many of us, cravings of ice cream and other cool summer treats. I must admit that while I don’t generally crave it, there’s something about the summertime that leaves me wanting to enjoy some ice cream, as well as my all-time favourite summertime treat - s’mores! When I stopped to think about the context behind my seasonally based cravings, I realized that it was more about the experience of the food itself, how it ties into my childhood memories, and that over time it’s just something we have associated with summer.

So, our recipe this month is one that you can add to your summertime repertoire - Chia Seed Popsicles! It is easy to make, versatile, creamy, fruit-filled deliciousness. Plus - it is a friendly recipe for those who are dairy-free or who have sensitive tummies.

Why We Like It

It’s versatile! You can try it with different fruits, experiment with making your own granola and it has no added processed sugar (assuming you use more natural honey/maple syrup and homemade granola). Most of all, it can fulfill our ‘need’ or craving for something a little more decadent and cooling in the hot summer months.

BONUS: we snuck in some protein with the greek yogurt to make it a more nutrient dense alternative or version of a new favourtie summertime treat - heck, for any season!

Here Is What You Need:

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Substitutions Ideas:

Vegan / Dairy-Free

Use unsweetened coconut yogurt and replace honey with maple syrup.

Mix it Up

Use any fruit that is in season, or any fruit that you have on hand.

Let us know what you think of this recipe; take a pic of your creation and share it with us!

As always, enjoy!!!

- Lori

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