Back To School..... Or Work?

Banana Coconut Protein Bars

Banana Coconut Protein Bars

It’s that time of year already - which I playfully call the second new year - when we return to school and work, and try to regain consistency with our everyday routines. With busy schedules, juggling so many things (extracurriculars, long hours at work, time with friends and family), it can be challenging to get back into the swing of things (let alone prepare meals and snacks for the entire family to enjoy on the go). When this is the case, I believe simple is best, and creating a consistent, purposeful habit of planning and scheduling time to shop for and prep your meals and snacks accordingly is key. 

It’s easy to grab empty calorie snacks while juggling everything on your to-do list, so to help you get started here’s a more nutrient dense recipe that is sure to be a hit with every member of the family - Banana Coconut Protein Bars!

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Why We Like Them

Honestly… they taste like cake!!! But seriously, I love making batch recipes to have at the ready whenever I need something to grab and go, especially because I know exactly what went into them. The ingredients listed are generally ones I always have on hand and, given that it only takes about 20 minutes (prep and bake time), I can whip them up at a moment’s notice…. AND since it’s a batch, I have enough to get me through my work (or for some school) week.


Knowing that many school environments are nut free you can swap out the almond butter for a seed butter (sunflower for example) or keep these at home for an after school treat. 

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If you try this recipe be sure to let us know by using the #loyobo on Facebook or Instagram. Good luck only eating one at a time! Enjoy;)

- Lori