Don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our class participants and members had to say about Loyobo FIT!

“Courtney is so understanding, thorough and supportive. It is so much fun to be part of her classes, and she provides energy and workout variations for all body types. Proper form and confidence in her participants is something she strives for. I love going to her bootcamp days and zumba classes!”
— Alex Piccolo

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“Courtney’s smile is contagious and she is so encouraging to all abilities within the class without judgement. Her positive attitude comes through in her workout style and makes exercise fun, instead of feeling like a workout.”
— Wendy Pennington-Birtzu

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“Courtney’s energy and enthusiasm are palpable! It’s impossible not to grin during one of her classes. Despite some special postpartum needs, she manages to make me sweat and feel like I’ve had a great work out without aggravating my issues.”
— Andrea Scholz

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“I found Courtney an excellent instructor. Even though I have disabilities that affect how well I can do at a variety of fitness activities, her classes always left me feeling accomplished, and welcome. The focus was on having fun while improving health.”
— Devin Hogg

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“Courtney makes hard work fun. She is a dedicated professional who brings her best game to any fitness endeavour. I love her energy, enthusiasm and constant smile, and her willingness to adapt her class to the ability level of the participants.”
— Susan Osborne

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“My favourite thing about Loyobo FIT classes is that they are always different. Courtney incorporates circuits, partner training, individual weight training, cardio, etc into every class. No two classes are the same and I never get bored. I’ll definitely be continuing my fitness journey with her!”
— Bailey Kagan

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“Courtney has become a personal trainer for my wife and I. Under her intense but fun instruction we both lost weight and inches, and gained energy and motivation. Courtney was able to safely modify the workouts for my wife when she became pregnant while still maintaining great intensity. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer if you want results and want the journey getting there to be a blast. (ask her about how I collapsed in a heap of leaves after one of her workouts when I mistakenly told her I just wasn’t feeling challenged that particular day *grin*)”
— Joseph Porretti


“Courtney is an awesome instructor. She is very friendly and non judgmental. She encourages you to keep going and offers different options if you have some mobility restrictions. She challenges you to beat or meet your goals. Courtney is a wonderful fitness instructor I would highly recommend her.”
— Kathy Rawson

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“Courtney is a fun and fantastic fitness instructor. She always pushes me to do my best and helps me prove to myself that I am stronger than I think!”
— Christa VanderVelde

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“Courtney’s strengths are her upbeat personality, her knowledge and the variety she provides in her workouts. I leave each class feeling stronger and energized! A great trainer and great workouts!!!”
— Karissa Lawrenson