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Body Sculpt & Sweat

This class combines resistance and cardio training to increase your strength and endurance. It includes individual, group and partner exercises using a variety of equipment to work your entire body from head to toe. Suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

What to bring: Indoor training shoes, water bottle, yoga mat (optional)

Build a Booty

A 30 minute class that focuses on tightening, lifting and toning the lower body and glutes. Using a combination of bodyweight and resistance exercises. Suitable for all fitness levels. Low impact.

What to bring: Indoor training shoes, water bottle, yoga mat (optional)

Fab Abs

A 30 minute class that focuses on building core strength. Perfect for those who want to improve posture, fix lower back issues, or who work at a desk all day! Suitable for all fitness levels and body types.

What to bring: Indoor training shoes, water bottle, yoga mat (optional)

Mind/Body Unwind

Relax and unwind with this low impact stretch class! It focuses on building strength throughout your core, while also increasing your flexibility and encouraging you to relax with total body stretching. Great option for those who want to fix lower back pain or increase abdominal strength.

Also offered as an outdoor class during warmer months.

What to bring: Water bottle, yoga mat (optional)

Outdoor Summer Bootcamp

A total body workout at Exhibition Park. Includes cardio and resistance training, with creative workouts that utilize the outdoor green space and playground areas. Never a dull moment! Squad training, drills, HIIT, stretching - you name it. Guaranteed to make you sweat, get results, and have a blast while doing it.
Runs rain or shine, from June to August. Not suitable for those with ankle or knee issues, due to uneven ground conditions.

What to bring: Outdoor training shoes, water bottle, sun gear (sunscreen, glasses, hat, etc.), bug spray, outdoor yoga mat (optional)

Power Tabata

Tabata is high intensity type of interval workout that was inspired by Dr. Izumi Tabata, a Japanese researcher who used an exercise protocol cycling 20 seconds of All-out extreme intensity, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This cycle is repeated for 8 rounds or 4 minutes total, followed by 2 minutes of rest/recovery.

This class is for intermediate/advanced participants who are comfortable with high intensity movements and faster transitions.

The benefits of tabata is that it positively affects both aerobic and anaerobic systems, improving endurance and increasing metabolism for up to 48 hours. A great way to see results and improved strength in a short period of time.

Please contact info@loyobofit.com if you have any questions about participating in the format.

Strong by Zumba®

A high energy workout synced to the beat, working on both cardio endurance and building strength with bodyweight exercises. It is amazingly fun and incredibly effective. It is NOT a dance workout and is suitable for all fitness levels. See results fast and get Strong!

What to bring: Indoor training shoes, water bottle, small towel & yoga mat (optional)

Tone & Flex

A 60 minute class that will help you build lean, toned muscle and increase total body strength. Synced to the beat of the music, we use lighter dumbells with a higher volume of repetitions to give a low impact but extremely effective workout.

Sculpt your body and improve your muscle tone, posture, balance and strength. A total body workout! Suitable for all fitness levels, especially beginners or those who have mobility issues or need to avoid high impact cardio exercises. (Don't worry though - this will still get your heart pumping!)

What to bring: Indoor training shoes, water bottle, yoga mat (optional)

Zumba Fitness®

High energy latin dance based aerobic fitness. No dance experience required - just an amazingly fun, sweaty workout! Shrink everything but your smile and shake off some stress! Suitable for all fitness levels.

Also offered as an outdoor class (Zumba® in the Park - runs during the warmer months) and as a low-impact class on Thursday mornings at 9:30am. The low-impact option is perfect for beginners or those with mobility issues.

What to bring: Indoor training shoes (or outdoor for Zumba in the Park), water bottle, small personal towel (optional)

Premium Classes

These specialty class offerings are included as part of our Move Your Body and VIP memberships. Class pass holders or other participants can attend with a drop-in pass ($20 per person). Additional fees may apply for some classes. Please see specific class descriptions for more details or email info@loyobofit.com.

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Breaking Down Barriers (Previously Mindset Meetup)

We recognize that a huge part of feeling amazing and learning to love your body has nothing to do with food or exercise. The most important thing that you can do to be successful is shift your mindset.

Breaking Down Barriers is a weekly group coaching session that will allow participants to work through issues or struggles that they may be facing with the help of a Loyobo coach. We will discuss strategies of behaviour change, how to build healthy habits, and complete activities that can help break through barriers or limitations that are holding us back.

Think of this class as your weekly support group: a safe space to be vulnerable, to get help, and to feel better about yourself!

Friday Happy Hour Series

This class is meant to prove that the gym can be part of a fun Friday night out! Every week will feature a different guest instructor and class format. Everything from Bellydancing to African Tribal Dance, Burlesque or Self Defence! It is a great way to try out some new activities and types of movement, enjoying a fun night out with your friends.

For more information, please download the Friday Happy Hour Series class schedule (available at the top of the page).

Loyobo + Baby

An opportunity for you to bring your baby with you to the studio!

A mommy/daddy and me style of workout that allows you to get moving by incorporating both strength and cardio exercises. Enjoy socializing with other parents while also benefiting from a head to toe workout. Inclusive for all fitness levels.

Please feel free to bring toys, blankets, or other items that will help keep you and baby happy!

Yoga Flow

Link breath and movement in this energetic yoga flow class. Build strength, flexibility, prescence and mental clarity. This class will include sun salutations, warrior series, balancing postures, backbends followed by hip openers, longer hold stretches, deep rest and breathing exercises.

All fitness levels are welcome! No prior yoga experience required.

What to bring: yoga mat (optional)