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We’re a virtual fitness & wellness community committed to helping women feel good in their bodies.

We are anti-diet, anti-fatphobic, and a body positive space that focuses on joyful movement, intuitive eating, and long-lasting behaviour change so you can learn to feel good in your body.

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Loyobo FIT's 3-month beginner program offers busy women personalized 1-on-1 coaching, live workouts, group sessions, and regular check-ins to boost body confidence and energy.

Authenticity, enthusiasm, compassion, encouraging, accountability, energy ... not just from the Owner and Instructors, but from every person that this place touches. Loyobo is the definition of community.

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Embracing Body Positive Fitness Together

Discover the freedom of ditching diets and weight loss obsession, and say hello to self-love and joyful movement.

Body Image Coaching

Boost body confidence and energy with our 3-month beginner program featuring personalized coaching, live workouts, and a supportive community for busy women.

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Introduction Offer

Develop a positive body image and self-confidence through personalized coaching and practical strategies, fostering a healthier relationship with your body.

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Online Classes

Access virtual fitness classes with an anti-diet approach, offering flexibility and support to help you stay active and engaged from anywhere.

Hear from Women Who Transformed Their Lives with Loyobo FIT

Dorothy Adkins
If you are looking for a support system on your Joyful Movement/Intuitive Eating journey, look further. You will receive support with a smile and encouragement. No judgement, no body shaming, or diet talk. Just freedom to discover you outside of the diet world. The community of other members is wonderful as well! The live classes, workshops, and on-demand videos provide tons of material for you to enjoy and use on your journey. Highly recommended!
Laura Shaw
An amazing supportive community that’s anti-diet. Highly recommend! There are so many on-demand classes as well as live classes and webinars.
Beth Timlin
I thoroughly enjoyed the classes I took with Courtney at Loyobo Fit. She has created an environment in her classes where people feel part of a community. Her and the community he has created make you feel so welcomed and free to be yourself. Courtney is also adept at scaling her classes to fit any skill and ability level which I really appreciate. It means that I know I'm going to get the kind of workout I'm looking for.
Alaina Ravello
Had a wonderful experience teaching a workshop at Loyobo, felt welcome and in good hands. Great atmosphere!
Shanan Cunnington
I love what Courtney and her team are doing to create a truly body positive space. With a strong focus on eradicating fat shaming and calling out the damage done by the fitness industry, Courtney and her team have created an online environment that makes a big difference in my life. I love their social posts that point out body shaming and I especially love Courtney's brave transparency, I love the online options they have for a true fitness journey focused on mental health and not on before and after pics. If you are looking for support to heal your relationship with your body and your health - Loyobo is the best community to support you!
Michelle Surlaya
Loyobo has been helping womxn including me, in building community and providing an outlet for joyful movement… and they do a FANTASTIC job at it. Courtney, Loyobo’s owner, has the best energy and is so supportive. If you are looking for a fitness/movement option that is approachable, against the stereotypes, and prioritizes your full spectrum well-being… you need to consider joining LoyoboFit!
Melissa Ushtchenko
I love Loyobo Fit's philosophy and approach to fitness! The community is so warm, welcoming, and inclusive. Such a great space for (re) building a positive relationship with movement and your body.
Lauren Murphy
At Loyobo Fitness, Courtney isn't just about workouts. She's all about creating a safe space where everyone feels valued. It's not just about getting fit; it's about feeling good about yourself. With Courtney, you'll feel motivated and supported every step of the way.
Dallas Baker
Really great business offering an anti diet approach and community.
Julia Martinko
Loyobo is a wonderful online gym but also so much more! I love that the live classes offer lots of modifications for people based on whatever fitness level or limitations you have and there is a great variety of live and recorded classes. Courtney and all the instructors really take the time to get to know you and support your goals. Cheers to this body positive, amazing community that Loyobo has created! I've never enjoyed exercise so much in my life 😀

Support for Your Unique Journey

Experience personalized support and guidance with our wellness coaching programs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your fitness through tailored movement sessions, build a positive body image with our Body Trust Program, engage in group coaching for body love, or develop healthier eating habits through mindful eating, our wellness coaching offers the dedicated attention you need to achieve your goals.

Personal Training

Personalized private movement sessions tailored to your fitness level and goals, helping you build strength, flexibility, and confidence.

Body Image Coaching

A comprehensive program focused on cultivating body trust and positive self-image through supportive coaching and practical strategies.

Group Coaching

Engage in a supportive community with group coaching sessions designed to help you love and appreciate your body, fostering a healthy and positive self-image.

Mindful Eating

Learn to develop a healthier relationship with food through mindful eating practices, promoting balanced nutrition and intuitive eating habits.

Transform Your Fitness Journey with Loyobo FIT

Supportive Community

Become part of a supportive and encouraging community. Our network offers group mindset coaching, special workshops, and connections with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support.

Empowering Body Positivity

We create a body-positive environment that empowers you to feel confident in your own skin. Our focus on joyful movement and intuitive eating helps you ditch diet culture and embrace a healthier mindset towards your body.

Personalized Coaching and Resources

We offer personalized 1-on-1 coaching and a variety of self-guided courses tailored to your needs. This personalized approach ensures you receive the guidance and resources necessary to achieve lasting behavior changes and a healthier lifestyle.

Woman holding signs about their body positive fitness journey

Online Classes & Courses

Convenient and Flexible Fitness Solutions

Our online classes and courses offer a convenient and flexible way to stay fit from the comfort of your home. With a variety of options available, you can choose the classes that fit your schedule and fitness level, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts. Whether you prefer live sessions or on-demand content, we've got you covered with expert guidance and a supportive virtual community.

Dance It Out

Dance It Out

Dance out your feelings and embrace a little sweat! No dance experience required - just an amazingly fun, party-like workout.

Mobility Class

Mobility Class

A fun, open level mobility flow to unjam joints, to ease tension in the muscles and increase overall flexibility and freedom of movement.
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My Journey To Body Positivity

Imagine a life without diets, weight loss obsession, or self-shame.


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Join Loyobo FIT's 3-month beginner program for personalized 1-on-1 coaching, live workouts, and group sessions!