21 Day Joyful Movement Challenge

Are You Ready to Make Movement a Habit?

The Loyobo 21 Day Movement Challenge is an opportunity for you to create and establish a daily movement habit that is full of joy and something you look forward to.

Woman in a 21 day movement challenge

This Challenge Is For You If:

👉 You feel stuck in a current rut

👉 Have been struggling with motivation

👉 Have a desire to prioritize YOUR health and self care

👉 Need to shake things up to reinvigorate and inspire yourself to move forward in your health and wellness journey!

This is NOT a huge time commitment and requires less than 30 minutes each day.

Each day you will receive access to a new video with a daily movement to complete and goals for your day. Participants will also be given a daily checklist linked to our 4 pillars (Movement, Mindset, Nourishment and Community) to fill out to ensure they are meeting their goals! If you are ready to kick things up and find some joy… join us for 21 days of movement!

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Not Sure Where To Start?

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