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5 Day Challenge to Transform Your Relationship with Your Body

This Self-Guided Course is designed to transform your relationship with your body!

If you feel obsessed with weight loss, are struggling with knowing how to take care of your body, and want to learn how to feel GOOD in your skin (with an anti-diet approach) – this course is for you!

Woman in a 5 day body transformation challenge

In Just 5 Days, You'll:

  • Understand the story you are telling yourself about your body and the meaning you are creating around your weight or body size
  • Understand the influence of diet culture and how the language you use impacts your self-esteem

  • Learn tools and strategies for challenging negative self-talk and weight stigma

  • Create a clear vision of the relationship you want to have with your body and actions that you need to take to get there

This isn’t just about health, fitness or movement. This is about stepping into the spotlight of your own life. This is about YOU getting clear on exactly what you need to in order to feel GOOD in your body.

Not Sure Where To Start?

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