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We love building relationships with others sharing the body positivity message, which is why we are thrilled to offer the Loyobo Brand Ambassador program! We are looking for enthusiastic, body-positive, anti-fatphobic individuals who LOVE all that we do here at Loyobo. At Loyobo, we strive to maintain an anti-fatphobic, body positive space focusing on joyful movement, intuitive eating, and helping women to ditch diet culture and learn to feel good in their bodies.

We welcome and encourage applicants of all body types and backgrounds.

Does this sound like you?

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Loyobo Brand Ambassadors

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♥ Receive a Personalized Discount Code to share with followers, friends & family

♥ Earn 20% Commission on sales

♥ Receive a FREE Teal Membership, Giving you full access to the Loyobo Community

♥ Gain insider info on new events, and exclusive Loyobo information

♥ Receive EXCLUSIVE Ambassador discounts & access

Be a part of a loving & supportive community

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