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Joining our community is the best way to invest in your self-love journey and get the support that you need to transform how you feel in your body.

You can choose what kind of support you need - whether that be coaching, live fitness classes or access to one on one sessions.

Our monthly membership options are built to be flexible and stress-free.

The best option for those looking to take the first step in their Self-Love Journey. You get access to all the resources you need to start to heal your relationship with food, movement and your body. Weekly coaching calls and events allow you to get individualized support, learn strategies to get you results, and connect with other members of the community. On Demand Videos provide a safe space where you can begin to explore what joyful movement looks like for you!

This membership includes all the benefits of our “Pink” membership (weekly coaching calls, Love & Learn Events, our Facebook Group, and On Demand Videos), PLUS live fitness classes and our seasonal member challenges. This is perfect for those looking to dive a little bit deeper in their self-love journey. Live classes are a great source of accountability and community connection, plus our challenges are an amazing boost of motivation along the way.

Our goal at Loyobo is to help as many people as possible in our mission of changing lives. We never want finances to be a barrier to benefitting from our community. Our Flexible Cost program is designed to alleviate the financial burden of becoming a member. It is an option for those who may be experiencing financial hardship, systemic oppression, or other situations that prevent you from paying the full cost. 

This program works on the honour system and no questions are asked. You choose your price when you sign up. We all deserve a helping hand at times in our life. 

Flexible Cost Pink

Flexible Cost Teal

This option is for those individuals who love what we do on social media and want to support our mission. We depend on our members and subscribers to do what we do: to provide a safe space for people to learn about their bodies, guide women on the pathway to radical body acceptance, push back against diet culture and the fitness industry, and empower people to create their OWN rules when it comes to health and wellness. Pick your own price. Cancel anytime. Get bonus perks like LIVE coaching and other surprises along the way.

This membership provides full access to our Community, plus individualized support from Courtney over Voxer AND access to both our live and digital (self-paced) Love Your Body Program. This option is meant for those who are really ready to commit to their self-love, who want the ability to receive one on one support when they need it and who want to see transformational results in a shorter time period. There are only limited memberships available, so if you are interested apply today to find out more!

This membership is our top tier and perfect for those who want one-on-one support. It includes full access to our community, unlimited Voxer support and a weekly one on one check-in 3 times a month with Courtney. If you are looking for accountability, consistent encouragement and support, and if you are ready to get out of the diet-cycle – this is for you! There are only limited memberships available, so if you are interested apply today to find out more. 

Membership Benefits

All of our memberships come with different benefits which are outlined below!

On Demand Video Library

Private Facebook Community

Weekly Coaching Calls

Love & Learn Workshops

Live Virtual Group Fitness

Seasonal Member Challenges

Unlimited Voxer Access

Love Your Body Program

Drop In Classes


Attend a workshop, coaching call, class or special event!

An opportunity to try out our community for one event. This drop-in visit is able to be used for all of our regular scheduled offerings including group coaching, workshops, anti-diet fitness classes and more!

$25 + HST

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