5 Facts About Motivation (That You Probably Don’t Know…)

Finding and prioritizing time for self-care, movement, and mindful eating is an essential part of feeling good in your body.

But – what do you do if you are struggling with low energy levels and motivation?

Here are 5 facts about motivation that you may not know:

  1. Enjoyment creates intrinsic motivation.  When you genuinely enjoy something or find a task fun to engage in, it creates an internal drive to want to do it.

  2. Focusing on your EFFORT rather than your ABILITY can increase motivation. It isn’t about celebrating how well you did something, but rather the effort and process that went into it. Or, to simply put it: how you showed up!

  3. Tasks that are under your control can increase your motivation (compared to tasks that aren’t!). Having the freedom of choice and the ability to control your own circumstances is another factor that creates internal drive.

  4. Co-operation and engaging with other people can increase motivation. Humans are naturally social creatures. When you are working with others towards a common goal or a shared experience, it can boost empathy and intrinsic motivation!

  5. Motivation is not just about having enough willpower. When you are struggling to meet your basic needs or feel like your tank is depleted, it will drain on your willpower – which is a limited resource. Rather than focusing on “pushing through” or shaming yourself for not having enough willpower, focus your energy on creating other sources of motivation that you can lean on when your willpower runs out.

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So many of our members experience the kind of long-term success and consistency with movement and self-care that they have never been able to achieve before…. why? Because it feels good and is fun! It is easy to keep showing up when it is something that you enjoy and when it is a social experience with friends (and people who feel safe!)

Hope to see you online soon.