Loyobo FIT – Pathway to Self-Love and Success

Just like with a road map, you cannot figure out how to get where you’re going unless you first understand where you are.

The same is true when it comes to your wellness journey. To be able to set goals and make strides towards them, you first need to know where your feet are planted. What are your current habits? How is your self-talk? Are you exercising regularly? Do you feel in the driver’s seat of your nutrition?

During difficult or stressful periods in life, many of us lose all sense of direction. Routines go out the window, home/work/school-life all seem to blend together. Destructive coping mechanisms can easily become the norm, and it can become default to hit “easy” buttons (like Netflix and late night snacks) that make us feel good in the moment, but not-so-much in the long-term.

The struggle with motivation and accountability is real. It can be hard to determine what our next steps should be, what we should be focusing and how to decide what the best decision should be (especially when we are operating on a reduced bandwidth!)

So we developed a tool to help you in your journey.

We are excited to be launching “Loyobo FIT’s Pathways to Self-Love and Success!”, which will help you figure out where you are now (the current state of things with regards to your exercise, your mental health, your relationship with food, and your connection to others) and can be used to figure out what comes next to keep moving forward towards self love, confidence, and feeling GOOD in your body!

The Pathways to Self-Love and Success is broken down into 6 Stages – each stage representing progress in your knowledge and confidence when it comes to Loyobo FIT’s 4 pillars of Self-Love: Movement, Mindset, Nourishment, and Community. The 6 Stages are:

  • The Toe-Dipper,

  • The Explorer,

  • The Believer,

  • The Reacher,

  • The Go-Getter and;

  • The Loyobo Leader.

See which one you connect with below!

1 (1).png




Any initial gut instincts? Do you see yourself in any of these descriptions?

Now that’s not to say that you will fit the mold of only one stage – maybe you’re in a great groove with your exercise routine, but you still shame yourself for emotional eating and don’t understand the root of it. Maybe you practice great self-talk, but are afraid to be vulnerable in sharing your journey with others.

So here’s your comprehensive roadmap to zero in on your “location” so to speak (which you can download below!) followed by our best tips on using it …

  • Grab a highlighter! Read through the chart and highlight any line that you CURRENTLY resonate with.

  • Once you’ve read-through the chart in full, and have highlighted what you connect with, take a step back. What column is glowing back at you? Is there more than one?

  • It’s time to own your current status! We suggest looking at the lowest stage that you have something highlighted on and taking ownership of that title! Post it in the Loyobo Facebook Community group, write it on your mirror, tell an accountability buddy!

  • Determine an area that you want to work on and make progress in. (If you are a member of our Loyobo FIT family, we highly suggest connecting with your Success Coach to help you forge your path!).

  • Don’t tackle it all at once! Pick one thing. Narrow in on one sentence. Plan your first baby step.

  • Continue to revisit and re-evaluate every few months, or any time you feel like you’ve gone astray on your wellness road trip!

  • When you progress fully to a new stage, celebrate the HECK out of it! Plan a fun, self-care reward, and claim your new status!

This tool is here for you – whether you tackle the journey alone or with a coach and a community cheering you on. But if you want to condense the time it takes to get where you want to go (and avoid too many detours or pit-stops along the way!) then lean on the Loyobo FIT family and let us hit the road together!

What are your goals? Which stage are you at?

Leave a comment and share with us below or in the Loyobo Family Facebook group.