How to create Powerful and Positive Affirmation Statements

At Loyobo FIT, we believe that mindset is a crucial aspect of your journey to self-love. So much so, that we made it one of the four pillars of our Self-Love Formula!

What we think 100% impacts our reality – the thoughts that we have, the self-talk that we use, as well as our ability to practice gratitude and embrace challenges. All of this impacts how we feel about ourselves, our lives, and our mental + physical health.

So – how can you start to work on your mindset? Well, one of the simplest ways is using daily affirmation statements!

Affirmation statements are sentences, phrases or mantras that you repeat to yourself to help you shift your mindset or influence your perceived reality. They are designed to help you move towards your goals, to realize your desires, and to reflect what you WANT to be true – even if they aren’t true or don’t feel true when you start out.


Over time, the consistent daily repetition of your positive affirmations will help reshape the beliefs and assumptions you have about yourself and the world around you. These statements can help you challenge or let go of limiting beliefs and see new opportunities that may have otherwise been ignored, missed or written off. They can help you feel better and more grateful about your life, your body and your current situation.

According to the Law of Attraction, what you think and feel shapes your reality. The power of affirmations lies in their ability to transform your external world by first transforming your internal one. Think of it like exercise for your mind!

Abraham Hicks, an inspirational speaker, a leader in the world of spirituality and the author of “The Law of Attraction” inspires others to grow to their full potential and create their dream life using spiritual and personal growth practices. Her teachings outline that people are creators – that they create with their every thought. Through positive affirmations, anything that you can imagine is yours to be or do or have.

Follow our steps below to help you “believe in what you want so much that it has no choice but to materialize!” – Abraham Hicks.

This guide is meant to help provide a starting place for how to write your own affirmations, strategies for when/where/how to practice them in your daily routine, and examples of some of our favourite statements.

Step 1: How to Create your Positive Affirmations

  • Use the present tense

  • State it in the positive – Affirm what you want, not what you want to avoid.

  • Make it brief and specific.

  • Write them as if you’ve already achieved your goal and dream. Write them as your future self.


Some examples are:

I am successful at everything I do.

I am enough.

I am living the life of my dreams.

I have a life full of love and happiness.

Sometimes it helps to think of your self-limiting believes or struggles and create affirmations that reflect the opposite. For example, if you feel like you often have bad luck, you might choose an affirmation such as “I attract abundance and opportunity”.

When it comes to dreaming up what you want to manifest for yourself, it is important to find a balance between statements that make you uncomfortable and that push you outside of your comfort zone, and ones that are still believable to you – ones where you can visualize achieving them and how awesome they will make you feel! Remember, your dreams should scare you a little and excite you a lot!

If a positive affirmation doesn’t feel good, aim for a neutral, judgement-free one! If your current belief is “I am not good enough” and “I am enough” feels really uncomfortable, then aim for a middle ground of “I am trying my best every day!”

Step 2: When/Where/How to use affirmations


  • Post them somewhere that you will see it often (your mirror, your phone background, your car…)

  • Say them aloud! Be confident, state them with passion. Our brains can’t tell the difference between a real memory and a visualization – so the more conviction you use, the more it will implant itself as a REAL THOUGHT in your mind!

  • Look at yourself when you say them (eye contact!)

  • Aim for at least 3 times per day (if not more – as needed)

Journaling is a great tool that works hand-in-hand with affirmations. Write about the feelings that come up when you state your affirmations? What recurring thoughts do you have?

Instead of just identifying that an affirmation makes you uncomfortable, nervous or unworthy, dig deeper to understand why! It may help you to form a more focused affirmation to help you work through it, or realize some significant personal growth work that needs attention!

Meditation can also work well for shedding light on deep-rooted issues that we may be keeping under the surface. Check out our two-part blog series for our tips on cultivating a meditation practice that can support your new positive affirmation routine!

Step 3: Start affirming!

You have the tools… now its time to get started!

We invite you to create at least 1 positive (or neutral!) affirmation and commit to repeating it at least 3-5 times every morning when you wake up, and 3-5 times right before bed for the rest of the week- and any other time you feel negative self-limiting thoughts creeping into your mind.

Feel free to try the following affirmations, or use them as inspiration for creating one of your own!







To get the affirmations to truly work for you, make sure you are giving yourself enough TIME. Commit to trying an affirmation for 30 days and recognize that it may feel awkward or uncomfortable at first. Be open and have the faith (and trust us when we say) that it will have a positive impact over time!

Comment below to share with us which affirmations you are planning to try!