Meet Kylee – our Member of the Month for June!


Welcome to another edition of our Member of the Month series, where we feature some of the amazing people who are part of our Loyobo FIT family. We think it is important to share their stories to help inspire others and to celebrate their amazing accomplishments!

This month that member is Kylee Booth-Allen, who is one of our VIP members. A favorite of our instructors and members alike, Kylee is a joy to teach and a truly positive person to work out with! We are also proud of the immense progress she has been making in our 30 Day Motivational Challenge, both in terms of reframing her thoughts and language and also showing up to support other members of the group.

She has recently stepped out of her comfort zone to start attending our live virtual classes and we couldn’t be more excited for her!

This month, KYLEE, we celebrate YOU! We are so grateful to know you. Thank you for being a part of our family and for sharing your story with us!

How long have you been coming to Loyobo FIT and what initially inspired you to try a class?

I started coming to Loyobo FIT in October, 2019. I remember feeling so strongly that I needed to find a positive place to reconnect with my health and fitness goals, somewhere that had an accepting and welcoming atmosphere. For weeks I kept seeing Loyobo FIT’s posts on Facebook practically jumping off the screen at me. Every post was so positive and spoke to my heart! I decided to click the post one day and met up with Courtney for an initial meet and greet and immediately felt like Loyobo was where I was meant to be!

What are your top 3 health and fitness goals?

  1. Self-love

  2. Making taking care of myself a priority

  3. Moving my body regularly

What is one of the challenges that you have faced in your health/fitness journey? What have you found most helpful in working to overcome it?


I have always struggled with taking care of myself and putting myself first when it comes to my health. A couple of years ago I took on a major weight loss journey and majorly struggled, it might have looked like success from the outside because I lost a significant amount of weight, but it was filled with constant striving for perfection, feeling defeated with what the scale said and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. I have always struggled with the idea that health and fitness is only about weight loss and the idea that happiness is in a “skinny” body. Overcoming this mindset has been about learning to love myself- loving my body wherever I am at. It’s about listening to my body and how it wants and is able to move. And pushing my body in a healthy way. It’s also been about letting go of shame and guilt and embracing gratefulness and positive self talk.

What was your life like before you started at Loyobo FIT? How did you feel about your body?

I felt very lost and like something was missing. I developed chronic pain in my back and hip and was waking up everyday feeling defeated. I felt like my body was against me. I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do for myself but was lacking the tools and support to do so. I felt like a failure. I looked at my body and felt so incredibly ashamed of myself.

What has changed since you joined the Loyobo Family and started coming to class regularly?

Soooooooo much has changed! I wake up in the morning and say really nice things to myself (most days!)
I have an amazing family at Loyobo that has my back! I attend classes knowing I will get the support I need and so much encouragement! I have a second home that has no judgement. I have developed so much respect and love for myself, and have really started to feel more comfortable being me. I get to move my body in all different kinds of ways and I get to experience new challenges. My body feels stronger and listening to my body has really made me feel more in control.  I get to be surrounded by the loveliest people- instructors and members that I learn from and get to grow with. I have great days and also not so great days and that’s ok because I know I can reset.

What is your favorite memory or achievement of your time at Loyobo FIT?


So many to pick from! During the teacher strike days I was able to bring my 6 year old daughter to a class with me. After the class my daughter had a huge smile on her face and told me that she is so glad that I have a really great place to come to take care of myself with so many nice and fun people. I feel like her words explain exactly what I am proud of- that I have achieved finding a place that I feel accepted no matter what, that I am able to take care of myself and teach my daughter what it means to be healthy and what it means to love yourself. I found a place that supports me in a way that this is life, its consistent. I found a place that is safe.

What advice would you give to someone just starting their health and fitness journey?

You are amazing! You are so brave and strong and wonderful for taking the time to take care of yourself!
Things that work for me are getting away from all or nothing thinking, and getting rid of the idea of perfection. One small goal or step at a time, and love yourself and speak kindness to yourself when those negative thoughts come up.

What is your favorite class and why?


My favorite Loyobo class is Pilates with Sobia! Pilates combines everything that my body needs. Stretching, the Pilates burn, it is relaxing but not so much so that my mind wanders. I come out of class really feeling like I’ve taken care of myself. Sobia is very caring and really takes the time to get to know you and what’s comfortable for you and your body movement. She always makes me feel so welcome and so cared about. I love the way she teaches her classes! 

I also need to mention the
30 Day Motivational Challenge– not a class but such an amazing program offered by Loyobo! It really has been such a fantastic learning experience for me that has really changed my days and how I react to emotions and everyday situations. It has shown me even more ways to take care of myself!

What is your favorite inspirational quote?

My favorite quote lately is “It’s a great day to have a great day!” It’s so simple but I say it to myself in the morning and often say it to my daughter. It makes me smile and reminds me to be grateful and to choose to be positive! And sometimes great days can have not great moments and that’s ok. I’m super in love with reframing right now and this quote reminds me that I always have my reframing tool on hand!     

Anything else you would like to share?

I have been so overwhelmed with how amazing Loyobo FIT has been during this difficult time we are all going through. I have been blown away with how much support I have received with check ins and just knowing I am not alone during this pandemic. It has been so amazing at trying new ways to support its members and put so much work into keeping up with doing virtual classes, setting up new challenges and all with so much love and positivity. I am so grateful! Thank you!

The thing about Loyobo is it isn’t just a gym, it’s so much more on every level!                                

Congratulations Kylee! You deserve this moment in the spotlight as we celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU.  THANK YOU for including us as part of your journey and for sharing your story.  Your positive spirit, strength and kindness inspires us all and we are so grateful to have you as part of our Loyobo Family!

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See you all again soon!
– Sobia