Katie’s Story

We think it’s time to change the narrative about fitness and our team is sharing their stories to help you change yours!

This is the story of Katie, our lead Pilates trainer.


“For many years my life revolved around learning how to move as a dancer.  Movement was my raison d’être.

As I grew into being a performer, my interests shifted towards presence and making ideas and emotions visible by dancing (embodiment).

 Now, my main interest lies in feeling peaceful and embodying that. Yep, it’s that simple, but not always that easy!

I want to feel connected to myself and to life, and share tools with our community that will help you to be able to do that, because they have helped me achieve that connection.

 I also use my knowledge of how systems (skeletal, musculature, nervous, fascial, etc.) work in our bodies to help me feel, heal and deal with what life throws my way, and I can do that with you too!

 FITNESS for me is the quality of being fit in my body, my mind, my emotions, my thoughts and my spirit!”

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So we ask – what does fitness mean to you? 

We can take back a word that has hurt so many of us, to make it something of diverse beauty. To create our own definition of what a “fit body” looks like. 

An act of love for our bodies, rather than hate.