Sobia’s Story

We think it’s time to change the narrative about fitness and our team is sharing their stories to help you change yours!

This is the story of Sobia who teaches Yoga, Pilates and Zumba.


“A few years ago, I penned a note to myself with a list of life goals.

One of them was to be a super fit 40 year-old.

And as I approach this next milestone, I’ve come to realize how my definition of fitness has changed over the years.

From wanting to be lean and skinny, I now want to feel strong and healthy. From a restrictive eating mentality, I am now focused on nourishing my body and feeding it what it desires!

I never thought I would be someone who lifted weights and now strength-training is an integral part of my work-out routine.

Fitness to me means feeling good in my body, acknowledging the parts that feel strong as well as the parts that need extra love and care.

It means challenging myself without punishing my body, being consistent and finding joyful ways to move.

My next goal is to have a super healthy spine at 50!“

So we ask – what does fitness mean to you? 

We can take back a word that has hurt so many of us, to make it something of diverse beauty. To create our own definition of what a “fit body” looks like.

An act of love for our bodies, rather than hate.