Christie’s Story

We think it’s time to change the narrative about fitness and our team is sharing their stories to help you change yours!

This is the story of Christie who’s a Group Fitness Instructor and Professional Chef.


“I believe in Holistic Fitness. I believe that you must connect your mind to individual parts of your body through conscious movement patterns that energize you, repair and strengthen your body, and help you take control of your life.

I first came to this realization my first year of University. I was a dancer my whole life and very suddenly stopped when I moved to Toronto for University. I went from being this super active teen to being a sedentary young adult.

I didn’t like the way it made me feel – physically and emotionally.

I joined the school Fitness Centre – and tried an Aerobic Class (it was the ‘80s…that’s what it was called) and was appalled by the instructor’s lack of musicality and originality. So much so that I complained to the manager! With a bit of a smirk, the manager suggested that if I thought I could do a better job, I should sign up for Instructor Training.

So I did.

 And my mind was blown! Anatomy and Kinesiology lit a fire in me that I didn’t know existed!

Here we are some, um, 30ish years later and I am still amazed by the human body and the human spirit. If they don’t connect, neither will ever be truly strong.

‘Physician, heal thyself’ is an ancient proverb (Luke 4:23). I have always whispered to myself ‘Trainer, train thyself’. I have the tools and I need to use them and to share them.

I have not always been perfect. The money and glitz of big box gyms crushed my spirit and I lost my holistic connection.

I have found it again with Loyobo FIT.

My 50-something body and spirit may be A LOT different from that 20-something student…but it continues to learn and to grow. It BUILT and FED 2 human beings!! It got hit by a car and healed and repaired!!

FITNESS to me is the opportunity to reconnect and to continue to grow, learn and SHARE!

So we ask – what does fitness mean to you? 

We can take back a word that has hurt so many of us, to make it something of diverse beauty. To create our own definition of what a “fit body” looks like.

An act of love for our bodies, rather than hate.