Yummy Snack Recipe: Apple Dips!


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We have heard your feedback and the one thing that we know you want more of is nutritional support and recipes!

So, we are going to help by sharing meal ideas, recipes, and our favourite tips that you can use to create a healthy relationship with food.

And to start – we are sharing one of our favourite, super simple snack recipes that you can make at home with less than 5 ingredients and NO baking.

Here is what you need:

apple dip ingredients.JPG

If you are vegan or dairy free, use a coconut yogurt, or substitute out the yogurt and use melted dark chocolate with a bit of coconut oil instead!

Not digging the coconut? Other ideas include almond slices, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, raisins, granola, or dark chocolate chips. Feel free to get creative, and make sure to share if you try something new!

Need a little bit more sweet? Try mixing in a bit of honey or maple syrup.

apple dip directions.JPG

Hayley - One of our Energy Exchangers enjoying some Apple Dips!

Hayley – One of our Energy Exchangers enjoying some Apple Dips!

Our Kid-Friendly Secret: Try piercing the apple slices with a lollipop or popsicle stick and making a DIY dipping station!

Why we like it: This snack is a killer combo of many things we crave daily – sweet, crunchy and instant (well near-instant) gratification; plus, there’s room for variety with multiple options for substituting ingredients! This snack is a great balance of macronutrients – the protein and fat from the yogurt and nut butter will help you to feel more satisfied and for longer than just eating an apple on its own!

apple dip info.JPG

If you try this recipe, make sure to let us know and we would LOVE to see pictures!

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