Meet Jenn – Our February Member of the Month!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to another edition of our Member of the Month series, where we feature some of the amazing people who are part of our Loyobo FIT family. We think it is important to share their stories to help inspire others and to celebrate their amazing accomplishments!

This month, our member is Jenn Kirk, who is one of our Move Your Body members and regularly attends a wide variety of classes, but her favourite is definitely Tone & Flex! We have seen so much change and progress in Jenn since her first class in August 2018. She is an absolute inspiration, oozing kindness, love and such a wonderful energy into our studio and towards other members.

Jenn’s journey is about finding a safe space to learn to love her body without judgement. It is about finding her strength and overcoming her own fears of joining a gym! She is an inspiration to the powerful things that can happen if you allow yourself to be vulnerable and open to new opportunities.

This month, Jenn, we celebrate YOU! We cannot wait to see what comes next in your journey. Thank you for being a part of our family and for sharing your story with us!

How long have you been coming to Loyobo FIT and what initially inspired you to try a class?


I first joined Loyobo FIT in August when I moved to Guelph. My motivation for the gym is low so I researched fitness classes where someone can tell me what to do and there is a set schedule to follow. I read such amazing things online about Loyobo FIT, that the gym is non-judgmental and let me tell you it is!

What are your top 3 health and fitness goals?

  1. To build a toned body with muscle gain

  2. To increase duration of cardio movement

  3. To create fun in the word fitness

What is one of the challenges that you have faced in your health/fitness journey? What have you found most helpful in working to overcome it?

I have always had a skinny body and sometimes get weird looks or comments “you don’t need to workout” and it is discouraging, feeling like you don’t belong somewhere just because the body type I cannot control. People believe they are giving you some sort of compliment but it affects you in the total opposite way. Loyobo FIT is a gym for all, and I have never experienced a feeling of not belonging: people are friendly and everyone is encouraged to embrace their own journey! Being in the Loyobo environment has been helpful to overcome my fear of not belonging in a gym because everyone is encouraged to love your body at every stage of fitness!

How has your life changed since becoming a member of Loyobo FIT?

I notice the changes in my body! I gained muscle that I have never gained before. I also noticed I am excited to have routine in my week and be a part of a community outside my working day feels purposeful.


What is your favourite memory or achievement of your time at Loyobo FIT?

We did a fitness challenge and I planked for a total of 3 minutes! I earned bragging rights for this one!

What advice would you give to someone just starting their health and fitness journey?

LOVE YOUR BODY! We all start at different stages and we all have a different purpose however that doesn’t mean we can all enjoy the exact same class! Being honest is the best way to gain change, hiding how you feel just keeps everything under the covers. Embrace what you are trying to change in yourself for the better!

What is your favourite class and why?

Tone and Flex! It is a great way to gain muscle and being a regular to this class is exciting when you choose a higher volume of weight and realize your gaining muscle before your eyes! I like the change in repetition of motion, keeps things painful – in a good way!

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

I asked my boyfriend to give me an inspirational quote. He came up with: “if you want to be big and strong eat your sandwiches.”

Anything else you would like to share?

Thanks for the recognition in my fitness journey!


Congratulations Jenn! You deserve this moment in the spotlight as we celebrate the awesomeness that is YOU. THANK YOU for being vulnerable and open to sharing your story and for reminding us that we ALL have a story deserving of compassion and respect. All bodies are beautiful and we all have our own journey to find what health means for us. We are seriously so proud of you and feel so lucky to have you as part of our Loyobo Family!

Feeling inspired? You could be our next Member of the Month! All you need to do is take the first step on your journey, just like Jenn. Try a class today and make sure to say hi if you see her around the studio!

See you all again soon!