Maximize your group fitness experience!

The amazing instructors at Loyobo FIT collectively have several years of experience in teaching and attending various group fitness formats! Read and benefit from their tips on how you can make the most of your experience in group fitness classes:

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Embrace failure!

The word ‘failure’ clearly has a negative connotation, except when it comes to weightlifting! When banging out repetitions, keeping on going until ‘failure’ is actually a sign of success! When you simply can’t do one more, when it feels like your muscles are ready to give up or your form is slipping, THAT  is a sign that you have truly pushed yourself to your limits, and that’s where we experience real change! If a weightlifting track ends and you feel like you could easily have kept going, it means you’ve been hanging out in your comfort zone and it’s time to not only embrace failure but to chase it!

– Christina

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Engage with your Loyobo FIT family!

Use the tools that are available to you: our free online videos, the Love Your Body program, our Facebook group, the partner/group activities we do in class and, the challenges we offer! Make the most of your membership – allow yourself to be vulnerable and get excited. Research shows that this social experience will help you stay motivated and consistent with your workouts. Share your journey with the people who are in it with you and you will not only see amazing results, but also fully enjoy your fitness experience with meaningful friendships!

– Courtney


Honor your body!

Take it slow if you need to and listen to your instructor when they offer modifications or tell you that you are welcome to go back to the first progression. Do not feel like your work out needs to be the same as the person beside you. Recognize that each and every BODY is different! The path to health is a marathon, not a sprint.

 – Dionne

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Choose wisely!

If you’re new to exercise or rejoining after a long break, injury etc., start off with classes such as Pilates, Mind/Body Unwind and Hatha Yoga to ease yourself back into fitness.

Focus on creating a routine by attending weekly classes and being consistent, rather than jumping into the deep end right away. This will help you build your strength and confidence, while lowering your risk of aggravating the injury or hurting yourself!

When your body feels ready to add resistance and cardio classes, go for it!

 – Lori


Hold yourself accountable!

Pre-register for classes, and keep a log of classes attended. This helps to build personal accountability and will keep you motivated! (And help you earn more Loyobo Reward points!)

Make sure to warm up and cool down/stretch! These can be the most important aspects of your workouts.

 – Christie

Make gains without pain!

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You should feel good while performing an exercise. It’s our job to re-educate ourselves on the difference between hard and bad, and what that means for each of our bodies. Work with your instructor to piece this ability back together and learn to understand your body’s signals. Don’t be afraid to ask questions – especially during the class!

I also love it when people yawn in my classes! Yawning is a great way to bring more oxygen into the body – don’t feel like you need to stifle them 😉

– Katie

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Celebrate your wins!

Often, we start our exercise routines with lots of enthusiasm, setting awesome goals and expecting great progress in a short amount of time! This can lead to frustration if we aren’t progressing as much as we hoped to or if we’ve made tremendous amount of gains initially and then hit a plateau. That’s just a natural part of working out! The last thing you want to do is to get discouraged and stop doing what you’re doing. If you feel like you’re stuck – take a deep breath and look back at where you started. You’ll see the long way you’ve come.

Share your successes with friends and family and celebrate your wins, big or small! Talk to your instructors to assess where you’re at right now and they can point you in the right direction so you can continue making awesome gains or progressing forward in your journey.

 – Sobia

We would love to hear your tips on how YOU maximize your group fitness experience! How do you keep yourself motivated? What would you share with someone at the start of their journey?

Leave your comments down below!

See you at the studio!
– Your Loyobo FIT Team