New Member Offers

First time participants can take advantage of these special offers! Offers are only valid for your first class at the studio. One offer per person.

30 Day unlimited trial pass - $55

Try 30 days of unlimited classes!
The pass activates on your first visit and must be activated within 30 days of purchase.

Introductory Beginner Package - $99

We designed this package offer for individuals who want a little bit of extra support to help get you started!
It includes the 30 day unlimited trial pass, a one-on-one coaching session and a choice between either an introductory nutritional consultation or Thai Massage Session. The package will be activated on your first visit and all services must
The pass activates on your first visit and must be activated within 30 days of purchase.

Drop-In Options

Regular Drop-in - $15

Premium Class Drop-in - $20

Membership comparison - all access pass.png

Please note: Our previous 10 Regular Class Pass will be available online until March 20, 2019 for $135.
It does not include access to premium classes.

Loyobo Discount Program

Our goal at Loyobo FIT is to make fitness fun and inclusive. In order to make our classes more accessible, we have decided to launch a discount for students and individuals with disabilities!


25% off class passes & prepaid memberships OR $15 off monthly memberships

Individuals with Disabilities

35% off class passes & prepaid memberships OR $20 off monthly memberships

Individuals interested in taking advantage of our discount program need to submit an application. 
For more information on our discounts and eligibility criteria, please click "Apply Now" below.

Love Your Body Program

movement & Mindset empowerment training

Work one-on-one with a trainer towards the goal of helping you to love your body through both movement and mindset coaching. We work together to create a personalized action plan that covers fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, self-confidence and motivational strategies. We help you overcome barriers that might be holding you back from success and build habits which allow you to thrive! 

This is the best way to kickstart your journey to health, see results, stay motivated and LOVE the person that you see in the mirror! 

Who this program is for: 

✓ You struggle with self-esteem and confidence 

✓ You feel stuck in a cycle of yo-yo diets, failed workouts and constantly gaining/losing weight

✓ You find big gyms intimidating and uncomfortable

✓ You feel tired, sore, and achy

✓ You have experienced big changes in your life and have struggled to regain a sense of balance

✓ You don't feel like you recognize the person you see in the mirror

✓ You want to feel happy and comfortable in your own skin

✓ You are ready to commit to making yourself and your happiness a priority in your life

What you will receive:

✓  Weekly hourly sessions that include personalized workouts and mindset activities

✓ The support of a certified trainer for ongoing questions and support

✓ A judgement-free, safe space which focuses on body positivity & self-empowerment

✓ Strategies to avoid setbacks, develop emotional resilience, and to learn to embrace life's ups/downs

✓ An action plan that helps to push you forward and build a life you love

✓ The confidence to look in the mirror and love the person who is staring back

Take the first step towards loving your body. Apply today! 

60 Minute Session - $75

10 session package - $699

Kickstarter package - $1299*

*For new members only. An introductory program that includes two sessions a week for 12 weeks.

Couple & Small Group Sessions

Work out in the privacy of your own home or in studio with your loved one and friends! A great option for those who would like the benefit of more one-on-one attention but are on a budget or who would like a shared experience. Please contact us for a quote and more information.

Birthday Parties, Special Events & Corporate Classes

We would love to help you celebrate your special day, host a private class or special event, or bring health and fitness to your workplace. Please contact us to request a quote!

All listed prices are subject to HST.