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Join us for a FREE Online Group Coaching Event!

NOV 26, 2018 7:15-8:00PM

Breaking Down Barriers is a weekly group coaching session that will allow participants to work through issues or struggles that they may be facing with the help of a Loyobo coach. At Loyobo FIT, we recognize that a huge part of feeling amazing and learning to love your body has nothing to do with food or exercise. The most important thing that you can do to be successful is shift your mindset and that is what this class is all about!

Think of this class as your weekly support group: a safe space to be vulnerable, to get help, and to feel better about yourself!

In this special online edition, we will be discussion MOTIVATION.
How to find or redefine your why, set realistic goals and finally see progress towards results!

This online event is FREE to attend!

Plus, if you join us LIVE there will be a chance to win one month of classes at Loyobo FREE! Stay tuned for details...

Our mission is to make fitness fun and inclusive.


We are not your typical gym and we like it that way.

We want to do things differently. We focus on fostering a community of people who support one another to be their best selves; to be fit, happy, body positive and healthy.  

We focus on small group training that allows for a high-level of individualized attention, with a wide variety of class formats and special events, as well as wellness coaching to create personal action plans, goals and create behaviour change in all areas of life.

Our goal is to help you feel better both inside and out. We want you to leave every class with a sense of belonging and a smile. Take the first step of your journey and try a class today!


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