Loyobo Energy Exchange Program

At Loyobo FIT, we want to make our classes accessible to everyone, regardless of financial situation.  We are now excited to offer an Energy Exchange Program and are accepting applications for new participants.

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What is an Energy Exchange?

Participants in the program (Energy Exchangers) commit to at least eight hours per month doing a variety of tasks such as cleaning, interacting with students in the community, volunteering at Loyobo FIT events or activities, and helping out at the front desk.

In exchange for your hard work, participants in the program are given an unlimited VIP membership to attend as many classes as you like, with all the membership bells and whistles!

What will I actually be doing?
The Energy Exchanger’s main duties to start will involve dusting, sweeping, mopping the studio, cleaning the washrooms, wiping down equipment, and other ‘general cleaning’ duties — so be sure you love to clean!

After time and once you are comfortable with your role and the studio space, we will happily add in other types of duties to your repertoire, like assisting with sign-in, greeting students, touring new students, administrative assistance, and/or other areas in which you feel like you could contribute to our family! We always offer the opportunity for more growth and responsibility, and are happy to use this program to help our exchanger's work towards personal goals or to develop different skill sets. 

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What are the expectations of being in the Energy Exchange program?

Participants are selected through an application and interview process.

The first step for anyone interested in applying who is new to our Loyobo Family is to come in for a 30 day trial with us. We want to be sure that you love our studio and the Loyobo FIT way of life before we make a commitment to one another. We do offer a sliding scale of $30-55 for the trial pass, so that you can pay whatever works for your budget. You must apply for the program to receive this discounted rate.

After the 30 day trial, if we both agree it is a good fit, you will be accepted into the program. We ask participants to commit to a minimum six-month period in the program. Energy exchange participants are expected to fully participate in the Loyobo FIT community and volunteer for various activities/events as needed.

A work schedule will be created for each participant based on individual scheduling needs within Loyobo FIT operating hours. 

Please only apply if you can see yourself becoming a part of our family and are able to commit to 8 hours every month for at least a 6 month period of time.

 If you feel like you would make a great addition to our team and family, please take a moment to complete the online application below and a member of our staff will be in touch with you shortly.


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