Beat the Monday Blues with joyful movement on Sunday evenings!

Suffering from Monday blues every week? Research shows that adding some movement in our Sunday routine can lead to a more energetic start to the week!

We spend the entire week struggling to catch up with deadlines – both personal and professional and then spend our weekends fulfilling other check-marks such as social obligations, errands and ‘adulting’ tasks on our never-ending to-do list. Many of the weekend things we do for fun, like brunches and night outs may just leave us depleted (both energetically and financially).


Sundays in particular are considered ‘rest’ days and a lot of times ‘rest’ means lazying around on the couch and binge-ing on Netflix. While chill-time is important, too much ‘rest’ can lead to more exhaustion and less motivation for Monday!

Sundays, especially Sunday evening should be time for rejuvenation and restoration for our minds and bodies, giving us the (green) juice to tackle our Mondays and the rest of the week with zest and positive energy.

And what can be better than moving our body with love and joy? Our work-out regimen during the week is usually influenced by our schedules and health goals. So how about making our Sunday work-out all about having fun? Doing something that makes us excited, laugh, sweat like crazy and connect with other people! Dancing, especially Zumba are all of the above! The music is addictive, the moves easy to follow and the opportunities to dance like no one’s watching endless!

If dance isn’t your thing, try something else that will get your heart pumping! Maybe a yoga class, a nature walk or hike, a ride on the bike … there are so many options to choose from! Just an hour spent participating in a physical activity you enjoy will help you sleep better and recharge your body, mind and spirit for the upcoming week!

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Thank you for reading!

- Sobia