Tips to navigate the changing season

It’s that awkward time of the year with the temperature fluctuating quite rapidly, both in an out of the studio space! We’re trying our best to keep it regulated but here are a couple of tips to help you navigate this transitional period and stay comfortable during your work-outs.

Layer Up

Make sure to carry a layer or two with you and keep them on during the warm-up and cool down! The studio temperature is lower during cardio and high intensity classes (Zumba, Body Sculpt & Sweat, Tone & Flex) and it takes a little while for it to get back to normal and for the heating to kick in afterwards. If you are pulling a double and staying for a lower impact class (Mind/Body Unwind, Yoga, Pilates), keep the layers on till you feel your body adapting.

Also, it is advisable to cover up if you are heading outside right after a sweat session inside! :)


Talk to your instructor

Always feel free to let your instructor know if the temperature in the studio needs to be adjusted! Because we work out all day (!) and are normally walking around in class, our awareness of the temperature may be a little different from yours. Your comfort is our priority so don’t be afraid to let us know your thoughts.

Bring along a small snack

The nutritional needs of our bodies also change with changing weather. Carry a small snack with you to manage your blood sugar levels in between and after work-outs! Feel free to chat with Lori for ideas or book a consultation with her if you need more details.

Indoor shoes

As the season changes, the ground outside the studio is going to be wetter! Please help us keep the studio clean and tidy by removing your outdoor shoes and changing into indoor shoes before entering the space.

Loyobo Fit 1 Year-9546.jpg

Thank you for reading! We would also love to know what you like most about the Fall season. Please share your thoughts and goals for this season by commenting below or posting on the Loyobo Facebook group.

See you at the studio soon!

- Sobia