Meet Kathy - March's Member of the Month!


Hello everyone!

Welcome to another editon of our Member of the Month series, where we feature some of the amazing people who are part of our Loyobo FIT family. We think it is important to share their stories to help inspire others and to celebrate their amazing accomplishments!

This month, our member is Kathy Rawson, who is one of our VIP members and regularly attends a wide variety of classes, including Tone & Flex, Strong by Zumba and Body Sculpt & Sweat. While she hates burpees, she loves working on her core strength and using fitness not only to feel better about herself, but also to manage diabetes. 

We are so excited to celebrate Kathy this month! We think that she is absolutely incredible and deserves a huge round of applause for her dedication and progress towards her health and fitness goals. Just look at her posture! Her confidence is absolutely beautiful.

So, without further ado, we are pleased to introduce you to Kathy!


1. How long have you been coming to Loyobo FIT and what initially inspired you to try a class?

"I've going since around April 2017.What initially inspired me to get back to working out is my husband. He became very ill at a young age and I almost lost him. It made me realize that I needed to take my health more seriously."

2. What are your top 3 health and fitness goals?  

"Keep my diabetes in check, stay in shape and eat healthy."

3. What do you find challenging in your health/fitness journey? What have you found most helpful in working to overcome it?

"Most challenging for me is the up and down movements when working out and I tend to get light headed and my heart rate gets really high. So far I have not been able to overcome this, but Courtney provides me with modifications to help reduce the effects."

4. How has your life changed since becoming a member of Loyobo FIT?

"I have more energy, sleeping a little better and I am in better shape and more toned."

5. What is your favourite memory or achievement of your time at Loyobo FIT?

"My favourite achievement is that I have been able to reduce my insulin intact from my workouts which in turn will make me healthier in the years to come."

6. What advice would you give to someone just starting their health and fitness journey?

"Don't give up, it seems very hard at first but when you start feeling better and start see the results of all your hard work it is well worth it."

7. What is your favourite inspirational quote?  

"Be Bold, Be Brave, Be You"

8. What is your favourite healthy snack?

"Celery and peanut butter!"

9. What is your biggest dream?

"To retire and travel in a RV south during winter months."

10. Anything else you would like to share?

"I really enjoy my workouts at Loyobo Fit.  I have always struggled with self esteem issues and social interactions. Courtney’s classes have a great atmosphere. Friendly, outgoing, motivational and the right amount of push to help you reach your goals."

before after.jpg

We are so incredibly proud of Kathy's dedication to her health and are so happy to have her as part of our Loyobo FIT family! She always brings such a warm energy to class and is so welcoming and friendly to everyone who walks through our doors. Congratulations Kathy! We can't wait to see where your fitness journey takes you next and look forward to many more workouts with you in the future. 

Come meet Kathy and the rest of the crew by trying your first class today! You never know where your journey will take you: all you have to do is take the first step. 

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Do something today that your future self will be thankful for and who knows - you might be our Member of the Month soon! 

Thank you so much Kathy! <3